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Clean house is us!

Our company offers its clients comprehensive services for carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, wall-to-wall carpeting, floors, and cleaning of air conditioning ducts.

The services include thorough and thorough cleaning of sofas and rugs. As part of the cleaning, the rug returns to its early days and the sofa looks as if it had just been bought from the store.

Does not damage the fabric of the carpet, the company makes use of special materials that respond to the carpet or absorb the vitality lost to them.


MNM CARPET CLEANING specializes in cleaning all kinds of carpets: carpets, awards, Afghans, Chinese, Orientals, Moroccans, Turks, Indians, Balkans, and more.

Different carpets require different cleaning methods and materials. For this reason, we diagnose the type of carpet and its component. This includes the fabric and fiber types (e.g. synthetic, wool, cotton), color quality, the extent of damages and stains, and maturity implications.

The cleaning process is carried out in our factory by our trained and skilled employees who specialize in carpet cleaning.


Our Services

mnm carpet cleaening Carpet cleanin

Carpet cleaning

We can order wall-to-wall carpeting for businesses, companies and offices, and of naturally private homes.

Just before you the phase of pumping, scrubbing, and cleaning begins, our experts meticulously inspect the surface to determine the key aspects of the materials. For example, type, length, and manufacturing method. Once done, our expects decide on the appropriate cleaning technique.

Needless to mention, only nourishing and damaging-free materials are used, using delicate techniques that not only clean, but also complement and preserve the carpet.

mnm carpet cleaening Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

We professionally clean sofas and upholstery of fabric, making certain the removal of hard stains from the living room is done to the costumer’s content and upheld by rigid quality measures, at the cheapest prices on the market.

If your sofas are no longer glowing, if they accumulated food stains over time or, worse still, if you notice allergies caused by the dust and dirt particles trapped in the sofa's upholstery and you wish to return your sofa(s) their new, and pampered look - contact us!

We will renew your sofas following a deep and unique cleansing process that will restore every sofa its shine.

mnm carpet cleaening Tile and grou

Tile and grout

Each house has its own unique design and designated floors that are exposed to frequent use and damages. This creates a situation in which each household is required to attend to its floor tiles according to their type and the stains and dirt that characterize them. To retain their spark, maintenance is key.

We offer professional floor cleaning and polishing services, supported by a robust washing machine used for scrubbing the floor and high-quality cleaning products that meet the strictest standards.

We make sure any floor type is polished and sealed with Polish Vox while ensuring the perfect spark over time.

mnm carpet cleaening Cleaning of air conditioning channels

Cleaning of air conditioning channels

Clean air ducts will always benefit your family's health. Polluted air ducts disperse contaminants whenever the system is activated and should be considered a key source of internal pollution leading to diseases. The pollution accrued overtime creates a source for mold, fungi, and other toxic substances.

Moreover, any clean air-conditioning system will work more efficiently than a dirty one. Dust particles that are constantly being sucked into system itself significantly lower tts efficiency and energy. This can result in expensive repairs and a short life-cycle of the system in the long run.

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